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Q: What sizes are the panels available in?
A: Our standard panel sizes are available in sizes from 2m x 1m up to 4m x 2m. We of course can provide you with bespoke sizes to suit your needs. Our data sheet shows the standard sizes.

Q: How thick can the panels be manufactured?
A: This of course depends on how thick you want the skins to be & how thick you want your honeycomb core. We can produce panels from 5mm overall thickness (3mm core & 0.5mm skins) up to 1m thick if you need them!

Q: What finish are the panels supplied in?
A: the panels are supplied to you generally in aluminium mill finish the sheets are supplied to us in. Our process does not change this in any way. We can of course supply you panels with surface treatment such as anodised, chromed, painted etc. or we can adhere a myriad of secondary surfaces you might require.

Q: What is the operating temperature of your panels?
A: Due to the special adhesive we use in the manufacture of the panels, we can offer (subject to application) operating temperature ranges of -40⁰C to 100⁰C. It is important you check with our office when looking into panel temperature applications.

Q: How do I secure the panels to each other or to other surfaces?
A: BCP off a wide range of solutions to enable panels to be joined together or to be secured to another surface. This may be in the form of a continuous extrusion to butt two panels together or specialist aluminium sections designed for a particular application. During our manufacturing process we can put any number of inserts into the panel enabling the panels to have fixtures fitted to them or to have through-holes/ tapped holes for securing the panels to surfaces or steel work.

Q: Can you seal the panels?
A: We offer a range of capping fittings or sections to seal the edges of the panel depending on the protection the panel requires. We can also use filler to seal the panel for aesthetic reasons.

Q: Can I fabricate with the panels?
A: Of course! We off a full range of fabrication & machining techniques in our download section.

Q: What loads & forces can the panels withstand?
A: This of course is dependent on the specification of the panel. Our data sheet in the downloads section will help you.

Q: Do you just do aluminium panels?
A: We can offer multiple materials to make up you panels. This includes plastic, paper & HDPS cores; GRP, PP, Kevlar, steel, brass skins. Just let us know!