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An 'A-Boards' is an aluminium composite panel comprising of honeycomb core sandwiched in between two aluminium alloy plates.

The layers of the panel are bonded together with an extremely strong engineering adhesive and pressed together until the adhesive cures. The result is a complete aluminium composite panel.

Aluminium core sandwich panels, manufactured by Bespoke Composite Panels, are made with a high mill finish as standard. The surface finish can also be supplied in tread pattern, or can be polished or coloured dependent on the application.

The nature of the non-corrosive alloy materials used in A-Boards means that they can be sourced for both internal and external applications. The panels offer excellent corrosion resistance compared to other traditional products.

Not just Aluminium Panels….

A wide variety of surfaces can be applied to the aluminium composite panels range.

These surfaces include:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Thermoplastic Sheet
  • Lino and carpet
  • Formica and laminates
  • Stainless steel
  • Kevlar

The panel manufacture process utilised by Bespoke Composite Panels allows many fixtures and fittings to be installed within its aluminium composite panels. This is useful for secondary applications such as where fixing to other panels or structures is required. The company can also allow services to be run within the sandwich panels or allow ancillary parts to be fitted onto the A-Boards.

The required internal parts are manufactured in-house by Encocam's engineering division, Stonehill Engineering, to allow fast lead times & manufacturing integration.

Polypropylene honeycomb composite panels

Polypropylene (PP) honeycomb offers a strong but lightweight alternative to the aluminium composite material offered by Bespoke Composite Panels. It is resistant to both media and corrosion and therefore is ideal for use in sandwich composite components and lightweight assemblies.


Alucolite are aluminium composite panels with a polyethylene core. They come in a variety of aluminium skins finished in either a metallic or a clean white paint.

Alucolite is a versatile internal and external cladding solution and is both light and durable. Panels are available in a 3mm or 4mm thickness and can be easily fabricated, curved, folded or slotted to achieve desired results.

A-Boards, polypropylene panels and Alucolite products have a number of benefits:


The panels display excellent levels of rigidity and tensile strength. The honeycomb core at their centre lends the products an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. This honeycomb core is manufactured to a high standard in the UK by BCP’s sister company COREX-Honeycomb.


Due to their honeycomb structure, A-Boards offer good soundproofing properties and insulation to heat and cold.


The process used to manufacture the Bespoke Composite Panels range offers a very flat surface in conjunction with tight tolerances to the surface area ratio (+/- 0.25m per square metre). This is particularly beneficial for applications that require tight tolerances alongside smooth surface finishes.

Paper honeycomb composite panels

Bespoke Composite Panels distributes environmentally-friendly, lightweight paper honeycomb boards. Available in a large range of sizes and thicknesses, these paper-based panels are ideal for use in exhibition, promotional and display applications.

Bespoke Composite Panels’ products are perfect for use in a wide variety of industries, and therefore the company has a continually and rapidly-expanding customer portfolio.

Applications include the following:

Aerospace: Flight simulators and platforms, fuselage and wing sections, galleys, furniture

Transport: Commercial vehicle interiors, vehicle flooring, bulkheads, storage solutions, racing car chassis, ramps, tail-lifts

Rail/Marine: Structural bulkheads, hatches, galleys, flooring, decking, furniture, faring panels

Industrial: Cleanrooms, spray booths, internal structures, platforms lifts, elevators, mezzanine flooring

Architecture/Interior design: Interior / exterior cladding panels, furniture, partitioning, ceilings, decorative panels, graphics signage, exhibition stands, point of purchase displays, façade or curtain wall cladding.