Custom designed vacuum tables for a variety of applications

BCP has been manufacturing custom designed vacuum tables for over 30 years. Our vacuum tables are all built in our Cambridgeshire based factory and distributed worldwide.

BCP’s vacuum tables, which can made to order in various sizes, have been used in a wide variety of industry applications including:

– Screen and digital printing industry: for large format photographic printing

– Marine industry: for making sails

– Textile industry: for cutting fabrics

– Flooring industry: for making vinyl floor tiles

Vacuum Tables by BCP
BCP’s custom designed vacuum tables

Vacuum tables for the screen and digital printing industry:

BCP’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of vacuum tables has made us one of the leading suppliers to the screen and digital printing industry. For this industry specifically the most important component of a printer is the printing surface. The image quality is determined by the flatness of this surface. BCP’s vacuum tables are made from aluminium honeycomb core materials with custom made standard flatness tolerances +/- 0.25mm per square metre however, closer tolerances are available upon request.

BCP is able to manufacture specialist platens for many screen printing applications and can incorporate tailored fabrication requirements including block bars, inserts, slots and cut outs.

Vacuum tables for the marine industry:

In order to ensure precise cutting of fabric used for large sails a vacuum table is used to hold down the sail material ensuring the material is cut accurately. BCP has experience in making vacuum tables for this bespoke application.

Vacuum tables for the textile industry:

The textile industry also uses vacuum-based cutting tables to hold down upholstery, fabric, and textile materials to ensure they are cut to size flawlessly.

Our vacuum tables can incorporate bespoke print areas and products, such as clothing, which can often be accommodated, and different finishes can be utilised. Common printing surfaces include formica, sponge-backed rubber, white silicone rubber and aluminium.

Vacuum tables for the flooring industry:

Similarly to sails and textiles, our vacuum tables have also been used to accurately cut bespoke and luxury vinyl floor tiles to various dimensions.

BCP’s tables which have lightweight, rigid and durable properties can be manufactured in sizes up to 4.8m x 2.3m in one pressing. Various print surfaces can also be applied including stainless steel, anodised aluminium (silver or coloured) and plain polished aluminium. The finish of all materials is carefully profiled and polished during the manufacturing process and all designs can be tailored to suit customer requirements.

The BCP team are always happy to discuss any bespoke vacuum table requirements, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

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