BCP’s impact resistant aluminium composite panels provide uncompromising strength while reducing the added weight of structures, furniture, floors and fittings.

The high strength-to-weight ratio of our aluminium composite panels make them the ideal material to specify when developing marine applications, including the construction of partitions, interiors, furniture, ceilings, flooring, hulls and bulkheads. BCP provides both flat and curved panels, suitable for a range of applications.

BCP’s curved panels allow for more fittings or marine equipment to be incorporated within a boat. They can also be used as floor panelling, as they are strong and lightweight and able to be cut to bespoke dimensions.

BCP Marine applications Marine interiors

The aluminium honeycomb core used in BCP panels is certified to the Wheelmark standard, an internationally recognised certification that shows a product complies with the requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. Products with the qualification are suitable for use on board any European or American marine vessel.

The core is manufactured by our sister company Corex Honeycomb from our Cambridgeshire, UK based headquarters. It is manufactured with Aluminium Alloy Grade 3003 or 5052 and can be made in a variety of cell sizes.

Aluminium composite panels for bulkheads:

Naval architects are continuously looking for ways to reduce the weight of superstructures which will improve the GZ curve (stability) or enable the current trend in yacht design to utilise more glazing above deck.

One way to reduce weight is to replace timber wherever possible with BCP’s lightweight aluminium honeycomb panels. For example, by removing plywood from minor bulkheads, which are a non-structural part of cabins, saloons and heads.

There are many benefits to using BCP’s honeycomb panels for boat building:

– Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio for lightweight and strong structural performance

– Able to withstand harsh marine conditions

– Robust and impact resistant for durability

– Recyclable

– Various finish options available (easily bonded to a variety of materials)

– Quick and easy to assemble – reduces costs and increases production

– Lower maintenance costs

– Longer lifetime compared to timber / plywood

BCP work in collaboration with our marine customers to deliver exceptional results. As such we would be delighted to discuss your projects with you so please contact our Business Development Executive, Max Guthrie directly on 01480 444790.

From lightweight rail interiors to galley and servery modules, BCP have extensive experience in the rail and transport industry. Find out more about this here.

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