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BCP provides expert mechanical design services tailored to the specific needs of clients and their projects. Our experienced design engineers utilize the latest tools and software applications to illustrate accurate manufacturing drawings in both 2D and 3D.

Your Good Ideas Deserve to Shine

Without BCP, we would not have realised the final product we have in our shop. I certainly would like to keep in touch for any future projects of similar nature, now knowing BCP’s capabilities and services”

George Houzé, Assistant Designer, Paul Smith

Computer Aided Design Program (CAD)

BCP have many years of Computer Aided Design (CAD) experience within the industry across several sectors and have gained vast experience with proprietary software. We offer expert mechanical design services tailored to the needs of the client and the project. Utilising all the latest tools and software applications our design engineers create accurate manufacturing drawings offering the following benefits:

  • Fully parametric 2D and 3D modelling allowing for flexible design modifications and adjustment.
  • A comprehensive range of visualisation solutions including rendered images and animations.
  • Working to BS8888 standard.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

BCP utilise the FEA service provided by our sister company, CELLBOND IMPACT SOLUTIONS, to analyse integrity and performance for a wide range of products, providing significant advantages over prototype tests and mental calculations. BCP collaborates closely with clients to deliver tailored and practical solutions that meet crucial design criteria for different projects, taking into consideration the simplicity, strength, reliability, weight, and cost of a design. With expertise in FEA, BCP’s objective is to expand our clients’ FEA capabilities and provide realistic product design solutions that offer genuine commercial benefits.

  • Virtual testing can be quicker and cheaper than laboratory testing
  • Quicker and cost-effective virtue testing compared to laboratory
  • Reduction in the need for expensive prototypes
  • Easy identification of failure spots and modes
  • Cost-saving opportunities for research and development
  • Simulation of potentially dangerous scenarios to mitigate risks
  • FEA analysis as a prerequisite to certification

Composites Tooling Design (High Temperature Epoxy Tooling Board)

Utilising the expertise and machinery of another specialist engineering company within our Group, Stonehill Engineering, BCP will produce your composite tooling and patterns. Our engineers using a high-temperature epoxy tooling board, based on your drawings, CAD models, and material specifications. Our tooling board is designed to produce high-strength, close-tolerance durable tools and moulds. All the composite components are manufactured precisely according to your specifications and are tested , and delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe.

  • ITP Router (2.5m X 5m Working Area)
  • Multicam Router (2m X 5m Working Area)
  • Num Router (2.5m X 5m Working Area)
  • 4 Granite Tables (2.5m X 5m & 2m X 4m & 2m X 3.6m)
  • 5 Axis CNC Machine Dugard HSM600
  • Mikron (4th Axis Capability) X 4
  • Samsung PL-1500
  • Deckel Maho DMF 220
  • Dugard Eagle 100
  • Manual Milling and Turning               
  • Engineering Tooling
  • CAD & 3D Printing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Precision Manufacture
Lightweight Composite Structure Design Consultancy

Lightweight Composite Structure Design Consultancy

BCP is a leading provider of lightweight composite structure design consultancy services. With over 20 years of experience, BCP has a deep understanding of the materials, processes, and design principles involved in lightweight composite structures. BCP’s consultancy services cover the entire design process, from concept development to detailed engineering. Our team of experienced engineers can help you to:

  • Select the right materials and processes for your application.
  • Structural Analysis of Composites
  • Optimise your structures for weight, performance, and cost
  • Validate your designs through analysis and testing

Reverse Engineering Service

BCP offers reverse engineering services to help businesses update legacy designs, create new parts from old ones, or simply capture the geometry of a physical object for future reference. We use 3D scanning and CAD software to create precise digital models of existing parts. These models can then be used to improve the design of existing products, create new products, or simply to document the physical properties of a product.