Electric vehicle battery housing and cooling plates

BCP has a growing portfolio of electric vehicle clients and provides bonding, supporting and cooling plates for batteries. We manufacture many different parts for an electric battery. This includes the upper housing, cell modules, battery housing, underbody protection and base plate cooling. These parts can be used in both cars and buses.

The challenge is to protect the underside of the battery, while also providing venting and, in some high-performance applications, cooling. The product must be strong enough to support the battery but also lightweight, so the overall performance of the vehicle is not affected.

Electric vehicle battery housing

A battery can be protected from impact using composite panels manufactured by BCP, which offer great structural resistance, energy absorption, excellent durability, as well as being lightweight. It is suggested by car manufacturers that electric car batteries are expected to last around 8 years, or 100,000 miles.

Battery cooling plates

Battery cooling plates are essential for high performance vehicles as batteries can overheat when delivering a large amount of power and also while they are charging. This can lead to catastrophic thermal runaway which will release organic carbonates and when mixed with air, can result in fires and explosions. Liquid cooling is the most effective way to cool batteries. Thin plates of aluminium have channels machined in them before an aluminium skin is bonded over the plate, allowing the coolant to flow through the plate and cool the batteries. Hard anodised aluminium has high electrical resistance and transfers the heat away from the battery.

Electric vehicle battery housing - BCP

Heat sinks

Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat with a thermal conductivity of 118 [BTU/(hr·ft⋅°F)] and will transfer the heat from the battery to prevent overheating. BCP have previous experience in bonding plates for batteries used in high performance electric vehicles.

Benefits of using BCP composite panels for battery housing and cooling plates:

– High strength to weight ratio

– Recyclable as manufactured from aluminium

– Durable to last the lifetime of the battery

If you are working on an electric vehicle battery housing or cooling plates project, please contact us. We have experience in the field and would be happy to explore the possibilities under the terms of a mutual NDA.

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