Composite Panel Solutions For Bespoke Flooring

One of our sister companies, Mykon , is a UK manufacturer of bespoke composite panels with a honeycomb aluminium core, specially designed for architectural applications and bespoke floor panels. With over 30 years of experience, we take pride in our ability to create distinctively individual atmospheres in any environment by crafting timeless bespoke floor panels.

Our Composite floor panels offer various advantages over conventional floor materials:

Design Freedom: Our bespoke flooring panels offer limitless design possibilities, allowing you to craft unique patterns, colours, and textures that complement your interior vision.

Durability: Engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic and daily wear, our composite floor panels maintain their resilience, ensuring a long-lasting and attractive floor.

Moisture Resistance: With excellent resistance to moisture and spills, our floor panels are perfect for areas prone to high humidity and dampness.

Easy Maintenance: The smooth and non-porous surface of our flooring panels simplifies cleaning and upkeep, making it effortless to maintain a pristine appearance.

Our Product Range

B Clear

One of our signature products is the B-Clear range, which features a unique ‘fish-eye’ effect achieved by bonding polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass with our hexagonal aluminium honeycomb centre. With a 78% light transmittance value, B-Clear panels capture and diffuse light, creating a welcoming and relaxed environment for bespoke flooring applications.

B-Clear ‘The Series’

Inspired by the B-Clear range, B-Clear ‘The Series’ offers a more translucent effect. These hand-crafted panels come in a wide selection of colour finishes and customer-specified shapes, maintaining the captivating ‘fish-eye’ effect synonymous with our standard B-Clear panels and enhancing the allure of bespoke flooring.

Crystal Glaze

For those seeking privacy without sacrificing natural daylight, our Crystal Glaze panels are the ideal solution. The frosted skins bonded to a hexagonal-shaped aluminium honeycomb core limit light transmission and create a captivating silhouette effect, making them perfect for bespoke flooring applications.


Inspired by Spanish sculptor, Eduardo Chillida, the Chillida range features sheets of naturally aged, visually stunning rusted steel. Each sheet ages differently, providing a unique and individual look for every bespoke paneling project, sealed with a matt lacquer to prevent rust transfer.


Mykalite-suspended ceiling tiles are not only naturally lightweight but also eye-catching. With an attractive shallow egg box profile and PIR foam insulation, these tiles require minimal maintenance and can be painted in various colours to meet bespoke ceiling project specifications.

Applications Of Composite Panels For Bespoke Flooring

Residential Spaces: Create elegant and stylish floors for homes, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your living areas.

Commercial Areas: Enhance the ambience of retail stores, restaurants, and offices with floor, ceiling and panels that leave a lasting impression on visitors.


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