Structural Foam Core Panels are advanced composite panels renowned for their remarkable combination of lightweight design and exceptional strength, providing superior rigidity and flatness without a significant increase in overall weight. The structural foam core, a key component in panel fabrication, effectively maintains the alignment of two outer skins made from high-quality materials, resisting shear forces and offering insulation. Meanwhile, the outer skins, composed of durable materials, contribute to the panel’s weather resistance, impact resistance, and ability to withstand in-plane forces of tension and compression.

The versatility of Structural Foam Core Panels makes them suitable for use in engineering, furniture, transport, recreational vehicles, lift cladding, architectural projects, as well as both interior and exterior applications. Tailored options in dimensions and thicknesses are available to meet specific project requirements.

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight: Facilitates easy handling and installation.
  • Durable and Robust: Withstands challenging environmental conditions.
  • Rigid: Maintains structural integrity and flatness.
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Delivers exceptional strength without excess weight.
  • Cost Effective: Provides a cost-efficient solution for various applications.
  • Fire Resistant: Enhances safety with fire-resistant properties.
  • Excellent Compression and Shear Properties: Ensures stability under different forces.
  • High Impact Resistance: Protects against impacts and collisions.
  • Good Soundproofing Properties: Contributes to a quieter environment.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Manufactured with a focus on sustainability.
  • High Production Efficiency: Streamlines manufacturing processes for efficiency.
  • Dimensional Stability: Maintains consistent dimensions over time.