Aside from our standard aluminium honeycomb panels, BCP also have the capability to manufacture a range of innovative surface materials which can be used in domestic, public and commercial building applications.

These eye-catching decorative composite panels provide architects and interior designers with unique surface solutions, inspired by the beauty of natural light. By placing aluminium honeycomb core, which is available in a range of different cell sizes and thicknesses, between outer skins of toughened glass or polycarbonate, BCP create functional, yet visually stunning hand-crafted innovative surface materials. These panels transform any environment by diffusing and reflecting light.

The unique “fish-eye” effect (produced by the special way the materials are bonded) makes the panels aesthetically pleasing and still ensures privacy without forming a barrier to light.

The panels are available in a range of different dimensions, hence the transmittance of light varies, and this allows the specifier to choose how much light they wish to let in.

BCP create transparent and opaque solutions using different coloured skins for both contemporary homes and commercial facilities, providing an almost limitless amount of eye-catching designs.

Our range of decorative composite panels includes:

– B-Clear: A clear composite panel with a unique ‘‘fish-eye’’ effect.

– B-Clear ‘The Series’: Offers a more translucent effect and is available in a vast selection of colour finishes, cut to customer-specified shapes.

– Crystal Glaze: Manufactured with frosted skins. Ensures privacy without compromising on natural daylight.

These panels are suitable for a wide range of industry applications including worktops, bespoke furniture, doors, flooring, walkways, staircases, partitions and screens.

If you are currently working on a project where you would be interested in specifying our decorative composite panels, please do not hesitate to get in contact to request a sample or discuss your requirements.

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