Bespoke Composite Panels is a company which creates composite panels by placing an aluminium honeycomb core in between two skins. These composite panels deliver rigidity and flatness with minimal weight.

BCP’s lightweight composite panel made from aluminium honeycomb has unlimited applications and has been used in a wide variety of products, including rail interior furnishings and furniture. All parts suppled to the rail industry are tested to show they comply with EN45545-2.

Lightweight composite panel applications in Train furnishings

BCP makes laminate panels to provide light-weight, strong and highly durable products.  With aluminium honeycomb as the core material, these bespoke composite panels are appropriate for use in projects that require strength but little weight. BCP has a high level of engineering expertise and is dedicated to quality, ensuring products meet and exceed client demands. Being bespoke, BCP works with customers from concept to product design and manufacturing. This guarantees product will satisfy all customer standards, which builds partnerships and long-term cooperation.

According to the Office of Rail and Road, over the past year, 990 million rail passenger trips were taken in Great Britain (1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022), which was more than double the 388 million recorded last year. Operators are faced with strike a balance between customer comfort and capacity as passenger habits change and more people take trains.

It’s become vital to explore the option of offering high-quality train interiors, from furniture and flooring to on-board amenities for passenger comfort, as well as what the train of the future might resemble to satisfy evolving passenger wants.

As a result, the rail industry has been sharing ideas on transportation technology through international trade shows like InnoTrans. For 2022, InnoTrans will be held at the Berlin Expocentre from September 20-23. This event provides a platform to showcase leading technologies in transportation particularly the rail industry with emphasis on the capacity of trains and the comfort of passengers.

Lightweight composite panel applications

Through intelligent interior design, train interiors can be made to create the best experience for passengers. This will include using the best possible materials for train furnishings and furniture. BCP’s composite panels provide a key solution to train interior design problems. Its light-weight nature makes it suitable for train floors and train doors. Being easily repurposed, the panels are easy to move around and use for different decorative purposes plus they could be painted or glazed as required. The panel’s flexibility, being able to be flat or curved makes it perfect core material for train tabletops and train doors.

BCP will exhibit at InnoTrans 2022, showcasing composite panel application as a core material for train internal structures.