Marine composite panels (aluminium honeycomb composite panels) by BCP are engineered to provide boat builders and naval architects with lightweight, strong and durable components that are quick and easy to install, reduce costs and increase the speed of production.

In recent years the marine industry has experienced a steady rise in the use of composites. Naval architects are continuously looking for ways to reduce the weight of superstructures which will improve the GZ curve (stability) or enable the current trend in yacht design to utilise more glazing above deck.

One way to reduce weight is to replace timber wherever possible with aluminium honeycomb panels. For example by removing plywood from minor bulkheads, which are a non-structural part of cabins, saloons and heads.

A composite panel manufactured by BCP comprises of honeycomb core sandwiched in between two aluminium alloy skins. The layers of the panel are bonded together with an extremely strong engineering adhesive and pressed together until the adhesive cures resulting in a complete composite panel.

BCP has the knowledge and experience to build complete structures for bulkheads using our aluminium honeycomb composite panels.

There are many benefits to using BCP’s marine composite panels for bulkheads:

– Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio for lightweight and strong structural performance

– Able to withstand harsh marine conditions

– Robust and impact resistant for durability

– Recyclable

– Various finish options available (easily bonded to a variety of materials)

– Quick and easy to assemble – reduces costs and increases production

– Lower maintenance costs

– Longer lifetime compared to timber / plywood

– In house engineering team to provide design solution

Aside from bulkheads, the high strength and low weight properties of BCP’s marine composite panels make them well suited for a range of boat building applications including decking, gang planks, ceilings, floors, doors and hatches.

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