The Customer – Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce

Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce are an independent business membership and services organisation that provide business support to over 2,000 organisations in the region. First established in 1917, it is one of 55 Chambers across the UK to be accredited to the British Chambers of Commerce.

The Chamber reflects a diverse network of small, medium and large businesses from a variety of industry sectors. They provide members with assistance on issues locally, regionally and nationally helping to enhance the economic growth across the region.

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The Project

Due to the current pandemic the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, just like all businesses across the country, were required to take steps to ensure their office was Covid-secure. After seeing the desk screens in use at BCP, they decided to incorporate them into their own workplace.

BCP supplied the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce with protective desk screens and dividers to provide a safer office environment for their employees. BCP’s protective desk screens, made at our factory in Cambridgeshire, are manufactured from 4mm thick clear polycarbonate and are lightweight, durable, shatterproof, and easy to wipe clean.

The screens smooth machined edges ensure they are visible, while still being optically clear to keep office spaces bright and sociable. They allow light to diffuse through easily and maintain the appearance of an open office environment, supporting good communication whilst providing a safe barrier between employees.


“We are very pleased with the protective screens from BCP. Our staff feel much happier and safer with them in place as they add an extra layer of protection. Being polycarbonate it still allows the office to seem open, whereas a different material would have felt confined. We would definitely recommend the screens.”

Sadie Parr, Communications Co-ordinator – Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce