The Customer – Master of Space Engineering (MSE)

Master of Space Engineering (MSE) is an international full-time Master’s programme in space engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. The aim of the program is to educate systems engineers equipped to become leaders in the space industry.

The course is offered by the Chair of Space Technology at Technische Universität Berlin and combines excellent teaching in space technology with project management and intercultural skills. The entire programme, over four semesters, is taught in English.

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The Project

POLARIS (Planetary Orbiter-Landing-ARea Interface System) is a lander-style robot for research purposes that acts as a data processing and communication hub for all MSE rovers. It houses two powerful computers that process visual data from rovers, performing object recognition and mapping functions for them.

It also acts as a waypoint between the rovers and the operations center. The POLARIS main body has multiple mounting points that can accept a wide variety of future payloads, including a camera mast, robotic arm, and the POLAR cube rover.

MSE’s goal in building POLARIS was to create a lightweight, inexpensive lander that was strong enough to mount heavy payloads on the exterior. BCP provided the sandwich panels for the exterior of the POLARIS lander.


“The customer service group at BCP was excellent and worked hard to match the product to our unusual specifications. POLARIS is not intended to actually perform landing functions; it is only intended to support our rovers during competitions. Using the bespoke panels was a great way to match the design while being lightweight, inexpensive, and visually appealing. MSE would definitely consider using BCP panels again on a future project due to BCP’s ability to meet our unusual requirements and the high quality of the final products.”