Conservation mounting is the process of using techniques and materials such as composite panels which provide protection to framed works of art and preserving them from the ageing process.

A composite panel comprises of aluminium honeycomb core sandwiched in between two alloy skins. BCP’s composite panels are suitable to be used as mounting boards, to support large works of art such as textiles, paintings, and wallpapers.

Our bespoke composite panels have also been used for conservation projects including:

– Restoring antique clothing

– Ancient priceless tapestries from the Middle East

– Mosaics

– Restoring prehistoric African artwork

There are 3 key properties of BCP’s composite panels which make them ideal for conservation mounting, restoring, and protecting:

1. Flat – This means you can easily lay things out and restore them on the panels

2. Rigid – They provide a strong platform to hold paintings etc in place while being restored

3. Lightweight – Once completed they can easily be moved around and transported

BCP manufactured four rigid lightweight support panels for Zenzie Tinker Conservation by using the best combination of lightweight honeycomb and thin facing sheets.

Three of the panels were required to be 1450 x 1450 x 33mm whilst the fourth a considerably larger size of 3020 x 2070 x 33mm. All four panels were built using 1mm thick aluminium facing sheets with 50 x 31 mm Red Grandis hardwood going all the way around the edge.

The Red Grandis hardwood, which is a eucalyptus wood, was used due to its superior engineering properties (ensuring the panels do not shrink).

The four panels have been used by Zenzie Tinker Conservation to create bespoke conservation mount boards edged with silk to store and display a set of metal and textile Kiswa embroideries originally used to cover the Holy Kaaba at Mecca in the late 19th century, for the Dubai Cultural Authority.

If you are working on a conservation project and would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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