Lift cladding is an important factor to consider when constructing a building. It increases the mechanical strength of the elevator while offering protection from a range of elements.

Lifts are an essential method of travel in buildings such as hotels, offices and workspaces, as well as other public buildings, and have both functional and aesthetic qualities. Depending on requirements, they may need to meet a specific weight limit or have a bespoke appearance that fits with an interior design. Aluminium honeycomb composite panels, renowned for their structural properties, are perfect for use around lifts and elevators for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

BCP panels, formed by placing aluminium core in between two aluminium skins, are exceptionally durable, lightweight and strong. Once installed, little maintenance is required making them an economically efficient option for a long duration. Should a decorative finish applied to the panel, such as brass, glass or leather, need replacing a technician can easily and quickly unbolt the panel. This is the only practical method of installation and it also means that the panel can be unscrewed for accessing the lift car mechanism for maintenance.

Another advantage of using aluminium honeycomb composites for cladding is how easy they are to keep clean. Being weatherproof ensures rust or scratch marks will not appear on the surface, allowing the panel to retain its original look. BCP can also manufacture curved panels and work with specific thicknesses to fit in difficult or tight spaces.

Direct Print

The aesthetics and decor of a lift is also important. Cladding applied to the aluminium honeycomb composite panels offers a way of enhancing the overall design and style of an elevator. BCP can custom finish panels in a variety of materials such as applying a direct print to the aluminium skin or finishing with a thin layer of stone, metal or leather.

Panels can be used in doors, entrances, and front returns on lifts to give them an improved appearance. For more information about how BCP can help with lift cladding, get in touch with the team today.