BCP has over 30 years’ experience manufacturing strong but lightweight composite panels favoured by sectors such as rail, marine and automotive.

Over the years we have established a worldwide reputation for delivering a high level of expertise and an ability to meet the requirements of different clients.

BCP’s panels are manufactured from our UK headquarters in Cambridgeshire and consist of aluminium honeycomb core sandwiched in between two alloy skins. The layers are bonded together with a strong engineering adhesive and pressed together until the adhesive cures resulting in a complete lightweight composite panel. The process used to manufacture the panels offers a very flat surface in conjunction with tight tolerances to the surface area ratio (+/- 0.25 mm per square metre).

Engineering Expertise

Being an industry leader in engineering and supplying aluminium honeycomb composite panels means that at BCP we are able to add value to projects, whilst offering a financially viable option for our clients.

BCP’s multi-disciplined team work in conjunction with clients to offer technical engineering support at every stage of the development and production process. Their technical knowledge and expertise make them perfectly adaptable to cater to all our clients’ requirements. To support this, we make full use of the latest CAD/CAM software (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing) and CNC machinery (Computer Numerical Control).

Our team of engineers is on hand to provide in depth composites expertise on specific project requirements such as recommend the best thicknesses of aluminium skin to use, or suggest a more cost-effective technique for edging panels or incorporating inserts.

Testing Facilities

As part of Encocam, a global engineering and manufacturing company established in 1988, BCP can draw on the expertise and capabilities within the group to offer a broad range of solutions to customers this includes our testing facilities.

At our laboratory we are able to perform Flatwise tensile, lap shear, T-Peel & Climbing Drum adhesive testing.

The BCP team are always happy to discuss any specific requirements and can provide engineering support on more complex projects. To discuss your project requirements or to request a lightweight composite panel sample, please get in touch.

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