BCP’s aluminium honeycomb composite panels can be used to manufacture bespoke furniture including tables, shelves, doors and cupboards.

Manufactured with an aluminium honeycomb core and two alloy skins (in most cases aluminium), our panels are made with a high mill finish as standard but can also be polished, coloured or supplied in tread pattern dependent on the application.

Due to the nature of the non-corrosive alloy materials used, our panels can be sourced for both internal and external applications.

A wide range of surfaces can also be applied including:

– Wood
– Stone
– Thermoplastic Sheet
– Lino and carpet
– Formica and laminates
– Stainless steel
– Kevlar

Our manufacturing process allows for many fixtures and fittings to be installed within the aluminium honeycomb composite panels. This is particularly beneficial for secondary applications such as where fixing to other panels or structures is required.

Most recently, the BCP team were tasked with building two bespoke tables for Paul Smith’s new flagship store located in Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, London. Both tables are one metre wide creating a high visual aspect ratio. Before being fitted in the store they were painted for a visually appealing finish. The tables are now a key feature in the store and are used to display a variety of Paul Smith’s signature designs.

In addition to our standard aluminium honeycomb composite panels, BCP also manufactures decorative composite panels for the architectural and interior design industry.

By placing aluminium honeycomb core between toughened glass, acrylic or polycarbonate skins, BCP offers customers a bespoke range of visually stunning products.

Our range includes:

– B-Clear –  A clear composite panel with a unique ‘‘fish-eye’’ effect.

– B-Clear ‘The Series’ –  Offers a more translucent effect and is available in a vast selection of colour finishes, cut to customer-specified shapes.

– Crystal Glaze – Manufactured with frosted skins. Ensures privacy without compromising on natural daylight.

BCP’s decorative composite panels can be used for applications including tables, chairs, work surfaces, cabinet doors, wardrobes, shelves, display and storage units as well as garden furniture.

If you are currently working on a bespoke furniture project, please do not hesitate to get in contact, our team is always happy to discuss new and exciting opportunities.

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